GPS Math Modules


1.     Where Am I?

o   Ordered pairs

o   Cartesian coordinates

o   UTM coordinates


2.     How Far Away Do I Live?

o   Pythagorean Theorem

o   Distance formula

o   Unit conversion


3.     Do We Have A Regulation Field?

o   Determining right angles

o   Parallelograms

o   Propagation of error


4.     What is a Googleplex?

o   Scientific notation

o   Ratios

o   Scale factors


5.     What's the Angle?

o   Right angle trig formulas

o   Trig functions on the calculator

o   Inverse trig functions on the calculator

o   Law of Cosines


6.     How Much Land Does Grandfather Own?

o   Law of Sines

o   Area of a triangle

o   Area of polygonal regions


7.     What Does a Surveyor Do?

o   Surveying

o   Trigonometry applications

o   Level Curves

o   Functions of two variables


8.     Which Way Does the Creek Flow?

o   Function notation

o   Graphing functions

o   Curve fitting


9.     Can You Take It To the Limit?

o   Area under a curve

o   Sigma notation

o   Limits


10.  Old or New?

o   Latitude and longitude

o   Conversion to UTM coordinates

o   Conversion from UTM coordinates