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Math 491/591 Senior Seminar/Masters Essay.  Applications of Algebraic Topology in Sciences and Engineering


 In mathematics you don't understand things. You just get used to them.
-- John von Neumann, Nobel Prize winner.


  • Time and Place: 5:00-6:15 pm MW at 509 Smith Hall. 
  • Instructor: Peter Saveliev (call me Peter)
  • Office: 778F Smith Hall (in the alley)
  • Office Hours: TR 3-6 (tentative), or by appointment, or any time I am there (usually in the afternoon)
  • Office Phone: x4639
  • Home Phone: 697-7827 (9 a.m. - 8 p.m.)
  • E-mail: saveliev@marshall.edu (put Math 491 as the subject)
  • Class Web-Page: http://users.marshall.edu/~saveliev/m491.htm and Introductory algebraic topology.
  • Prerequisites: Good knowledge of linear algebra as well as some fundamentals of group theory (Math 450), in particular, quotient groups, properties of Abelian groups, and examples.
  • Text: Computational Homology by Tomasz Kaczynski, et al
  • Short Description: Cubical sets and cubical homology. Simplicial complexes and simplicial homology. Homology of maps. Degree theory. Fixed points. Applications: Image processing and recognition; Structure of proteins; Topology of data structures; Topology of networks; Computational topology.
  • Handout
  • Grade Breakdown:
        - weekly assignments: 30%
        - midterm: 20% 
        - final presentation: 20%

  •     - final exam/essay/project: 30%
  • Letter Grades: A: 90-100, B: 80-89, C: 70-79, D: 60-69, F: <60