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Math 325 Algebraic Structures I (Spring 2002-Allegheny College)


 In mathematics you don't understand things. You just get used to them.
-- John von Neumann, Nobel Prize winner.

From the Catalogue:

325 Algebraic Structures I
Introduces the notion of an algebraic structure by concentrating on the simplest such structure, that of a group. Rings and fields are also discussed. Prerequisite: Mathematics 205, 320, or permission of instructor.









Assignment #1 (10 points):

    1. From the Mathematics department web page follow -> Faculty -> Peter Saveliev -> Personal Page -> click on Math 325. Or type saveliev.net, then go to the class page. Bookmark it! Or even better, create your own web-page with a link to the class page. This way you can get there quickly from any computer.
    2. Read the Policy.
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    4. Try to set up a group (3-4 members) by next Friday, then e-mail the list to me. If you don't you'll be assigned to a group at random.
    5. Visit my office during the next two weeks to introduce yourself.