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Math 160 Calculus I (Spring 2002-Allegheny College)


 In mathematics you don't understand things. You just get used to them.
-- John von Neumann, Nobel Prize winner.

From the Catalogue:

160 Calculus I
A study of real numbers, functions, limits, continuity, differentiation, and integration. All entering students planning to enroll in this course must take the Mathematics Placement Examination. Prerequisite: Placement in the course based on examination performance. Students who have received credit for Mathematics 155 or Mathematics 156 will not receive credit for Mathematics 160. Four 50-minute lectures per week.


Assignment #1 (10 points):

    1. From the Mathematics department web page follow -> Faculty -> Peter Saveliev -> Personal Page -> click on Math 160. Or type saveliev.net, then go to the class page. Bookmark it! Or even better, create your own web-page with a link to the class page. This way you can get there quickly from any computer.
    2. Read the Policy.
    3. Fill in the form under Students.
    4. Try to set up a group (3-4 members) by next Friday, then e-mail the list to me. If you don't you'll be assigned to a group at random.
    5. Check out the page of Math 160 I taught last spring.
    6. Visit my office during the next two weeks to introduce yourself.