Quality Control for a Non-Profit


The program to be created will identify how the organization is doing in specific impact areas such as;
how the church interacts with it's community, members, visitors, staff, and how they are handling
records. This will be done through methods that will gather quantitative and qualitative information
that will be combined with a fairly simple algorithm that will determine a final Quality Grade.
The grade can be explored in depth.


Trying to publish on website.

What's Currently Happening!

-Always updating website
-Developing an easy to use and attractive website
-Upload Vision and Scope to the website
-Upload SRS to the website
-Upload Gant to the website
-Creating database
-Creating Surveys Tables
-Creating the Surveys Database System
-Improving User-Interface
-EKU Presentation
-Grading System

Project Team!

Pastor Benjamin Riggleman(Sponsor)
Doctor Paulus Wahjudi(Advisor)
Nicholas Riggleman(Creator)


Pastor Jamie Estep
James Caldwell
Robert Gaum