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Project Abstract

The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) is a non-profit organization tasked with enabling blind and visually impaired people to achieve equality and access.  The AFB TECH Optics Lab was created to measure the contrast, reflection properties, and modulation transfer function of small visual displays.  The procedure consists of three steps: capturing data, processing data, and storing the results.  This software will allow for data to be captured and sent directly to a computer which will complete the analysis of the data and store the results.  The program will consist of a user interface to guide the user through the measurement process, a communication layer for controlling instrumentation, a set of routines for performing calculations, and database connectivity for data storage.  This new process will require less human interaction during the procedure of taking measurements resulting in a faster process that requires less training and is more reliable.

Visit svn.afbtechopticslab.org/trac/olms for the lastest information on the progess of the project.

Team Members

Marshall University:
William Reuschel, Programmer
Dr. Wahjudi, Project Advisor

Morgan Blubaugh, AFB TECH Staff
Caesar Eghtesadi, Head Consultant
Vic Baker, Consultant