TimeTracker 2.0 Project Website

A Brief Introduction

Strictly Business Computer Systems currently hosts a web application on their own servers that employees and staff use to log their time. For my senior project, I will migrate the application to Google App Engine, freeing up company servers for other uses. By moving the application to Google, I will be able to integrate other Google Applications such as Google Calendar, Mail, and Talk, allowing TimeTracker 2.0 to become an all-in-one business application.

In the new system, I will allow clients to login and review the status of their project(s). Easier report generation and (in future releases) invoice generation will allow the accounting department to move away from the use of TimeSlips, an application into which they currently are exporting TimeTracker data to generate invoices and bill clients.

For more information on the project or its implementation, please refer to the project plan page or take a look at the documentation page.