Buddy Lee was born August 9, 1998. 

He is a wonderful, loving, playful dog.

He has more energy than most Bassett Hounds,

and loves to play with his little sister Kitty.

Super Buddy really likes to play on the computer and visit these


Woof, if you visit, you can read a monthly news letter just for owners of Bassett Hounds.  Buddy says that he promises to  be the best doggy ever if you visit were you can buy him treats and all sorts of prizes.  Buddy also says he promises to be a good boy if you go online to and buy him something new.  But he'll get really excited, wag his tail and give lots of kisses if he gets to visit



Buddy Lee and Kitty playing together in the floor. Buddy being handsome and posing for the camera.

Buddy loves his mommy and wants you to know some of her favorite websites to visit.  By visiting you will find all kinds of treats and pretty things to wear.  When mommy is good, sometimes she gets prizes from

While mommy goes to school, and Buddy stays home all day, he tries to help her with her homework and visits websites that she could use to continue her education.  Sometimes he'll visit,  As Buddy is waiting for his mom to come home he will visit, and and maybe he'll get a pizza bone, or another treat just for being so good all day.  Buddy knows several tricks and has a huge vocabulary. 


This is my mommy, she takes the bestest care of me.  I get to go for rides in her car, and she takes me to McDonald's every Saturday morning.  I don't like to take baths, but I get one every week and if I'm good, I get a Scooby Snack.  Sometimes, I have to fight with Daddy over the bed.  He seems to think that the right side of the bed is his, and I have to show him who's the boss by showing my attitude every now and then.  I'm a mommy's boy!!  If you want to email her, woof woof, here is her email address!

Click Here!

My mommy goes to Marshall University and is studying Elementary Education.  She will be graduating in a year, and will be teaching children soon thereafter.  She loves children and will be a great teacher.