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Meet !

My girlfriend is always so cute, even the flowers love her!

Click here to enlarge this picture.
Drawn by my girlfriend, if she were a Sailor Moon Character, this picture would be it.  Jenny. ^^  So, be sure to visit Jenn'e's Deviant Art page!  Click Here to see floranaturefairye's page.

This is a picture of her favorite Pokémon, Piplup, for those of you who are into Pokémon.

  V is for VICTORY!

Wow, she looks just like my girlfriend!  Guess what, she IS my girlfriend! Sailor Jupiter to the rescue!

Here, she's dressed up as Anthy Himemiya, from Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Daisy my Tennis go-happy-lucky love
Hello, Daisy!  I'm-a-Luigi!  Wanna play-a-tennis?