The DC Mars Connection

On December 13th at 5:00pm the 5th grade students from Davis Creek Elementary in Barboursville WV
met in the computer lab to provide the 5th grade students from Armadale Primary School in Melbourne, Australia
an opportunity to drive our robotics vehicle dubbed the "Mars Red Rover".

The picture above shows the typist, Mrs. Simon, the Mars Red Rover on the computer in the center,
and an Australian time converter on the computer on the right.
The picture below shows the robotic Mars Red Rover.

The Red Rover software is showing on the "zoom-in" setting.  The Rover can examine objects very closely in this mode.

The Red Rover software in the "zoom-out" setting.  The Rover has a smaller picture viewing area but the transmission is faster.

The Red Rover is observing LEGO Projects at 9:00 am (Eastern Australian Time)
Australia has three time zones.

Jay is printing the transcript of the messages that were typed back and forth between Armadale Primary School and Davis Creek Elementary.

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Instructions to use Red Rover program at SENSORSCITY

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