The IN.C.I.T.E. Web utility will provide a dynamic inventory control system that allows the Marshall University Engineering Department to accurately and efficiently utilize lab equipment. IN.C.I.T.E will provide an accurate, cost effective, user friendly web environment for students and faculty.

Marshall University College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE) hosts and maintains various equipment throughout the campus. Currently the College resides in four primary locations: Gullickson Hall, Weisberg Engineering Lab and South Charleston Campus. The purpose of this project is the research and development of a web application that will provide a dynamic inventory control focusing on secure access and intuitive interface.

The first phase of the project will be on the Weisberg Engineering Lab (WEL) that hosts various engineering equipment and supplies. The materials in WEL are constantly being used in classes thus having an accurate inventory to ensure proper calibration, replenish depleted materials and records of usage are critical.

The new feature added to IN.C.I.T.E is an automatic notification system. Whenever an inventory item is about to fall out of calibration, the system will notify via email, a specific list of individuals that the item is in need of re-calibration. The user-friendly design and layout of IN.C.I.T.E allows the user to easily view and manipulate inventory data in a secure environment.