Dr. Jan I. Fox
Vice President for Information Technology/CIO

Marshall University
305 Drinko Library
Huntington, WV 25755-2066

(304) 696-6706
(304) 696-3229(Fax)



    Dr. Jan I. Fox is currently the Senior Vice President for Information Technology/CIO for Marshall University.

Dr. Jan I Fox is the Senior Vice President for Information Technology/CIO at Marshall University. Her responsibilities include the planning and integration of Information Technology in all aspects of education, administration and research at Marshall University. She ensures the delivery of appropriate, effective, efficient, sustainable and secure IT services to the MU community by leading the strategic planning and development of Information Technology (IT) at MU.Major reporting areas include all central IT operations including university libraries, online education support, information security, customer service, IT infrastructure and administration of all enterprise computing systems.

Her research interests include epidemiology, rural broadband deployment, health information systems and analytics. Over the last ten years, she and her division have received more than $6 million in federal and state grants. She serves or has served on several national and local boards including the Higher Education Leadership Board of CIOs, West Virginia Broadband Deployment Council, WV Telehealth Alliance, West Virginia Network for Telecomputing, WV Information Technology Council of CIOs and Mission West Virginia.

Her previous employment history includes progressive vice president appointments, served as chair of the department of Academic Computing at the Marshall University School of Medicine, biomedical research specialist for the Huntington Veterans Administration, and environmental modeling technician for the US Army Corps of Engineers. She was on executive loan and served as Special Assistant to Governor Wise during 2001. She assisted the Governor with statewide technology issues that have contributed to the state's economic development, job creations, strategic planning, e-government, eHealth and statewide infrastructure development. She has been awarded the WV Governorís Excellence in Technology under three different governors.

Fox has a doctorate in Higher Education Administration from West Virginia University and is a tenured faculty member in the MU School of Medicine.





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