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Dameron County Bar

Brown Town Police Department

      Brown Town is a department with ten sworn officers. A Chief, three Sergeants, an Investigator, five Dispatchers and five Patrol Officers. The department serves a town of 20,000 people. The town is a suburb of Dameronville and contains the 200 store outlet mall and the local amusement park "One Pennant Over Dameron."

 New Chief in Brown Town

 Discuss Brown Town versus Dameronville

Dameron County Bar

Casey Day Reporting Center, Dameronville, WV

      The Casey Day Reporting Center offers services to individuals sentenced to probation within Dameron County.  The Center, located at the corner of DeTardo and Bora Streets has 22 employees.  The center provides day reporting services including, educational assistance, job training, counseling services, medical services, substance abuse programs, and life assistance services.  The center also has electronic monitoring services.  In addition to the 22 full-time employees, there are approximately 40 volunteers who provide assistance to the center.

 Casey Day Reporting Center Fund Raising

 Joint Heroin Diffusion Program

Dameron County Bar


Dameron County Commission

The Dameron County Commission is an elected body of five Commissioners.  The Commission is responsible for the fiscal and physical aspects of Dameron County.  The Commission consists of the President: Andrew Dameron, and four Commissioners: Walker Dameron, Desiree Dameron, Cameron Dameron, and Melissa Dameron.  The Commission meets once a month on Thursday afternoons at 3:20 P.M. at the Dameron County Courthouse, Commissioners' Office and Conference Center.

 Texting Law

Dameron County Bar

Dameron County Courts

      The Dameron County Courts are located in the Dameron County Annex next to the Dameron County Courthouse.  The Dameron County Courts are made up of seven Magistrates, two Family Court Judges, a Juvenile Referee, five Circuit Judges, and eight Probation Officers.  The Chief Judge, Margaret Bell, has fiscal control of all of the other courts within Dameron County and the Dameron County Probation Office.  Each judge has a clerk, bailiff, and reporter.  Court and Courthouse Security is provided by the Dameron County Court Marshals who also are under the jurisdiction of Judge Bell.

 Dameron County Courts Firearms Training

 Dameron County Courts Get New Web Page

Dameron County Bar

Dameron County Sheriff's Department

      The Dameron County Sheriff's Department has thirty sworn personnel and the Sheriff. The department serves the un-incorporated areas of Dameron County. The department has a Chief Deputy, three Lieutenants, three Sergeants, three Investigators and 20 Deputies. The old Sheriff, Peggy Grubb, has just left office after two terms (the state maximum number of terms that can be consecutively served). She got along well with the County Commission and everybody else. She was the Chief Deputy for the eight years before being elected Sheriff and still is politically powerful. Things have been done her way for sixteen years.

 New Sheriff in Dameron County

 Dameron County Sheriff's Department Firearms

 Dameron County Communications

 Dameron County Sheriff versus the Dameron County Commission

 Dameron County Sheriff's Probationary Officer Program

Dameron County Bar

Dameron County Office of Homeland Security
and Emergency Management

The Dameron County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is a five person office established to protect Dameron County from Terrorist events and help with preparedness for natural and man-made disasters. Our staff includes a Director, and Assistant Director, two Security Specialists, a Technology Specialist, and a Hazmat Specialist.

 Technology Specialist Needed

Dameron County Bar

Dameronville Police Department

      The Dameronville Police Department is located in the county seat of Dameron County. The city has approximately 50,000 residents and has a lot of industries and stores. The department has approximately 110 sworn officers. A Chief, Assistant Chief, five Captains, five Lieutenants, fifteen Sergeants, ten Corporals, ten Detectives, and sixty three Peace Officers. The department also has a Swat Team, Drug Task Force, Water Patrol, Horse Patrol, Bike Patrol, Foot Patrol, Motorcycle Traffic Unit, Scooter Patrol, Golf Cart Patrol, and Motorized Foot Patrol. There is a lot of political infighting in the department.

Dameronville Swat Team

Dameronville Leadership Dilemmas

Dameronville Retrenchment

Dameronville Police Department Stress

Dameron County Bar

State Department of Investigation

The State Department of Investigation, headquartered located in Dameronville, WV, is a 75 officer department.  It has a 15 officer Central Bureau, and three Companies of Investigators (20 Officers each).  The Headquarters Unit has a Colonel, Lt. Colonel, 3 Special Investigators, a Six person STAR Team, and three Forensic Specialists.  The three Companies (A, B, and C) are made up of a Major, a Captain, three Lieutenants, 10 Investigators, and 5 Forensics Specialists.  They are the special investigative unit for the state and provide investigators to any state agency who does not have any of their own.

A Company is currently assigned to Heroin investigations, B is currently assigned to Oxy Cotton investigations, and C is assigned to Identity Theft/Computer Misuse.  Headquarters Unit backs up other investigative units and the three companies.

 Joint Heroin Diffusion Program

Dameron County Bar

 Legg Correctional Institution, Bora WV

      The Legg Correctional Facility is located in Bora, WV, an unincorporated area, in Dameron County just north of Little Creek, WV.  The facility was dedicated on October 1, 2001.  It housed 180 inmates at the medium security level.  It has a staff of seventy five, which included the Warden, Assistant Warden for Security, Assistant Warden for Programming, Unit Managers, Case Managers, Counselors, Correctional Officers, and maintenance staff.  The unit has ten pods, each housing 18 inmates in six person pods with a common room.  The institution also has an eight bed medical unit, recreational facilities, educational wing, and diagnostic unit.

  NEW Offender Rehabilitation Program

Dameron County Bar

Little Creek Police Department

      The Little Creek Police Department has just been approved by the Little Creek Mayor. The department is to have three officers: a Chief, Sergeant and Peace Officer. The Town of Little Creek has three thousand citizens. It is a small bedroom community of Dameronville. The only businesses are a Home Improvement Center, Cafe and Bowling Alley.

 Little Creek New Department

 Little Creek Reserves

 Little Creek Generalist Specialists

 Little Creek Hires Officer

 Little Creek Budget

Dameron County Bar

Shawn Curtis Regional Jail, Brown Town, WV
The Shawn Curtis Regional Jail is located in Brown Town, WV.  The facility was dedicated July 4, 2005.  The facility is designed to hold 500 hundred inmates and has a staff of 150 officers including an Administrator, Assistant Administrator, shift commanders, sergeants, corporals, correctional officers and support staff.   The jail also provides closed-circuit hearings and inmate transport to other regional jails, courthouses, state correctional facilities, and other outside agencies.  The facility houses inmates who are awaiting trail for state or federal charges, awaiting transfer to state and federal institutions, and inmates serving sentences of less than one year.  The facility serves a six county area -- Cook County, Dameron County, Kates County, Kennedy County, Murphy County, and Napier County.

 Shawn Curtis Regional Jail vs. Dameron County

Dameron County Bar

Southern West Virginia Police Training Academy

     The Southern West Virginia Police Training Academy (SEVPTA) is a full-service training facility.  The facility does recruit, in-service, management, and specialized training for the officers of Dameron County and surrounding counties.

The Academy Training Staff will be taken on a rotating basis from the departments in the county (Dameron County Sheriff's Department, Dameronville Police Department, Brown Town Police Department, Little Creek Police Department, and Terry University Police Department).  Therefore, specialists in any area from any department within the county can be requested and they will be released to help with classes by teaching their specialty, or general police subjects, to a class.  The SWVPTA also has the Terry University Criminal Justice Department, Forensic Science Department, and any other department in the University from which to draw instructors as well as the FBI, BATFE, U.S. Marshalls, Secret Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of Homeland Security, and West Virginia State Police.

The Academy will have a Training Director (Captain/Lieutenant), Instructor Coordinator (Lieutenant/Sergeant), and one full-time Instructor/Class Superintendent  (Sergeant/Corporal) for each recruit class, an Administrative Assistant, Chef, Food Preparation Specialist, Quartermaster, and Maintenance Specialist, and two Service Personnel (Civilian Positions). 

 Southern West Virginia Police Training Academy's First Class

 Southern West Virginia Police Training Academy's New Physical Agility


Dameron County Bar

Target Security

Tactics Analysis Response Guards Electronics Testing

      Target Security is a private security company whose headquarters is located in Dameronville, WV.  The company consists of Seven security consultants. The specialties of the company consultants include Personal Security, Self Defense Training, Personal Protection, Security Surveys, Security Planning, Alarms, Surveillance, Convoy and Transportation Security, VIP Protection, Firearms and Personal Protection Devices Training, EOD, Hostage Rescue, SOP Development, Grant Writing, Security Personnel, and Threat Assessment.

  Target Security Letterhead

Dameron County Bar

Terry University Police Department

      Terry University is a nationally known medium sized college. The University's motto is "Knowledge Through Innovation." The Chief of Police, Bubba Doc, has been featured in many law enforcement publications for his innovation in law enforcement.  The department is engaged in trying to implement community policing and traffic/parking management.  They have a Bike Patrol, Crime Prevention Unit, and a Web Page Master.  There is a Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, three Sergeants, five Corporals and nineteen Peace Officers.

 Terry University Community Policing

Terry University Magic

Terry University Computers

Dameron County Bar

Dameron County Bar

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Dameron County Bar

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