The Following individuals played a major role in the Nauvoo Temple's construction:

JOSEPH SMITH - President of the Church

BRIGHAM YOUNG - President of the Twelve

WILLIAM WEEKS - First Temple Architect

TRUMAN O. ANGEL - Second Temple architect

ELIAS HIGBEE - Member of Temple Committee

REYNOLDS CAHOON - Member of Temple Committee

ALPHEUS CUTLER - Member of Temple Committee

HYRUM SMITH - Member of Temple Committee

WILLIAM PLAYER - Supervisor of masonry work

WILLARD RICHARDS - First Temple Recorder

WILLIAM CLAYTON - Second Temple Recorder

ORSON HYDE - Gave public dedicatory prayer

JOSEPH YOUNG - Gave private dedicatory prayer

ALMON BABBITT - Trustee-in-Trust

JOSEPH L. HEYWOOD - Trustee-in-Trust

JOHN FULLMER - Trustee-in-Trust

DANIEL H. WELLS - Sold temple lot to the Church

DAVID T. LeBARON - Purchased the Temple from Trustees

ETIENNE CABOT - Purchased Temple from David T. LeBaron

MOSES HORN - Only worker killed during the Temple's construction

ALBERT P. ROCKWOOD - Supervised workers in the Temple Quarry

ELIJAH FORDHAM- Carved the oxen for the wooden font

WILLIAM JONES - Carved the first Moonstone plinth to be set

ELISHA AVERETT - Principle Backer Up (the mason who laid most of the interior stone)

JOSHUA ARMSTRONG - Mason who laid most of the Temple's north wall

BENJAMIN T. MITCHELL - Carved the first Sunstone capital to be set

CHARLES LAMBERT - Carved the capstone

MARY FIELDING SMITH - Administered the Sisters' Penny Fund

RACHEL FIELDING THOMPSON - Administered the Sisters' Penny Fund