The are only a few known photographs of the completed Temple, all showing the building from a three quarters front view. One print is located at the Illinois Historical Society. A second print is located at the Missouri Histoical Society. A third print is located at the Latter-day Saints Church Archives. A fourth print is owned by the Cedar City Chapter of the Daughters of the Utah Ptioneers.

There is no known photograph of the rear of the builidng. There is, however, a contemporary drawing which shows the rear of the Temple.

Based on these sources, as well as William Weeks's two architectural drawings of the Temple's facade, it is possible to reconstruct the exterior appearance of the Temple with some degree of accuracy.

The following are three drawings of the exterior of the Nauvoo Temple. They provide a fairly accuarate indication of the Temple's exterior. They are based on Doug Corbett's drawing of the Temple's front elevation, which was then used as a pattern in drawing the side and rear elevations of the Temple.